An interpretation. Soon to be your own. Paint for yourself and feel free to use this as color. 

If you saw an alien in the sky, it was an alien in the sky. No need for explanation. 

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Here we are. 

 We evolve.

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Direction & Editing by Gustav Cavallin and Jens Nilsson. 
Cinematography by Gustav Cavallin
Produced by Magnus Granér and Gustav Cavallin
Additional cinematography by Andreas Olofsson, Pär Hägglund, Oliver Hoblitzelle, Dylan Siggers, Tobias Johansson


Magnus Granér, Lucas Stål Madison, Douglas Källsbo, Jake Mageau, 
Anttu Oikkonen, Alex Hackel, Pär Hägglund, Sakarias Majander, Jens Nilsson, Leo Björklund, 
Maximilliam Smith, Cole Gibson, Foster Meeks, Abner F Wyman, Anders Fornelius, Ian King, Gildweezy

USA - Oregon, California, Utah. 
Canada - Québec, Fernie, Nelson.
Russia - Murmansk.

Supported by Tall T Productions

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